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Absence of pylink.EyelinkCustomDisplay, for talking to Eyelink eyetracker, from 1.84

PsychoPy 1.84 includes pylink 0.3.1

That version of pylink does not include pylink.EyelinkCustomDisplay, which is used by the code I have to talk to the Eyelink 1000. I think @jon at one point said that pylink 0.3.1 had mistakenly been included in some versions of Psychopy, so maybe that is the issue.

Is pylink 0.3.2 OK? That’s what’s currently listed on pypi (I don’t know anything about pylink)

Looking at the SR Research Eyelink forum, it seems my eyetracker communication code is out of date as the examples they currently provide don’t use pylink.EyelinkCustomDisplay. So perhaps my problem won’t affect others, and I should try updating my code. Not sure when I’ll get to that, but don’t you worry about it; the ball’s now in my court.

I’ve included the pip install version (0.3.2) in the new release now out:

If it needs something more than that then maybe we can encourage them to update which version gets installed by pip