A proposal to improve the view in the builder

My wish is that the color of the active routine that we are standing on, on the timeline, should be highlighted or colored like red to avoid confusion, in the current situation we are constantly looking at the top bar of routines names and looking for the highlighted/bold name to make sure that we are in the correct routine. If the PsychoPy team would add this feature to the builder it would be wonderful
Avi Abekasis

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I like the suggestion, but I would also recommend trying to reduce the number of routines you have in your experiment, by reusing them whenever possible. If you have one routine that you created by making a copy of another, you probably didn’t need to.


We’ve now implemented this! Instead of changing the colour of the Routine we opted for making the text bold, similar to the tabs on the Routine panel. Thanks for the idea!

Changes are currently only in the dev version while we kick the tires, but you can expect this in the next major release (2023.2.0).