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Changing colour of specific text in builder

In order to make the instructions as clear as possible for my participants I’d like to change the colour in certain sections.
The instructions look something like this:
If the fixation cross is black (+) …
If the fixation cross is green (+) …
If the fixation cross is red (+) …

I would like to change the instructions so the colour and (+) specified in the text are the correct colour dependent on the instructions given.

I can see from other topics that this would need to be done in coder, but I’m struggling to see how I’d specify the specific ‘+’ I am referring to in particular.

We can’t currently mix text of different formatting within a text stimulus. So if you want the plus symbol to be a different colour, it needs to be in its own text stimulus.

Both the instruction text content and the symbol colour can be specified in a conditions file, though, so you should ideally be able to do this with just one instructions routine.

Is there any likelihood that this will be addressed/improved in a future version of PsychoPy? Having even a “RichText” text component (or option in the current text component) would be a major boon.