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2020.1.1 win 64 on win 7 not running

I just installed the latest PsychoPy version on my system, but when I start it, nothing happens.
Deinstalled and installed again, same result.
I am using win 7 64 bit.
Result is the same for the Py2 and the Py3 version.
When I open the task manager and look in the process rider, pythonw.exe appears and disappears again after a second or so.
Any hint is welcome…

I might add that all other PsychoPy stuff is running. I have a functional PsychoPy 2 Python3 1.90.3, and my Spyder PsychoPy 2 Python 2 also has no problems. It is just the new version 2020.1.1 that is not running…

Hi Gernot,

I just had the same problem that version 2020.1.1 would not run at all on windows 7 64 bit.

However, I just installed the latest version 2020.1.3 standalone win64 and it is now working on the computer. So maybe give the latest version a try?

Thanks Aimee!