2 years old Pavlovia experiment does not sync


I am trying to update my 2 years old experiment because there is an error which needs to be fixed. I do not want to update the Psychopy version as I am sure it will require too much work as it will not be compatible with the 2022 version.

We are trying to replicate results from 2 years ago so I prefer working on this version.

My experiment link is this: obl-online [PsychoPy]

The corresponding gitlab repository code is updated, however the experiment code is not. When I look at the code through the developer console when I run the online experiment, I see the code is not updated. But on the gitlab repo the code is updated.

Hello Tamer

pilot-links are only valid for an one hour. so it does not make sense to post them. Anyway, the link you posted throws an error-message (" Yazar8/obl-online is currently in PILOTING mode but the pilot token is missing from the URL.")

What do you mean with?

Do you mean the PsychoJS is not updated which is the only relevant code that needs updating.

Do you mind to explain this in more detail? I updated quite a lot of experiments to newer PsychoPy-versions and it never was a lot of work (main problem was the html-folder that PsychoPy used to use).

Best wishes Jens

Hi, thank you for your reply.

I have switched my experiment to “running”.

When I look at the gitlab repository, the html/obl-online.js is updated.

I run the experiment, using the link above, and I go to developer console, sources → obl_online.js

The script is the old version. It does not get updated.

Hello Tamer,

well, now everybody can start the experiment but we don’t know whether we are running the old or the new version. So, switching the experiment status to running does not help, sorry.

Did you run the old version before testing the new version? In this case, you are probably running the old version from the browser cache. Clear the cache and try again.

Best wishes Jens

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I knew the browser cache issue so that is why I always run my experiments using an incognito browser. I don’t know what happened but now the script has been updated. I have been waiting for 4 days for it to update and it got fixed after I created this topic.

Thanks a lot for your help.

When you look at your Gitlab you can see when the files have last been updated. I notice that your link contains an html folder. Maybe you are updating files in the experiment folder, not the html folder.

If you delete the html folder locally and remove html from Experiment Settings / Online, set your experiment to inactive then sync and reactivate, you should have it pointing at the experiment folder itself.