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Would you like help with your PsychoPy tasks?

PsychoPy is supported by Open Science Tools. Our science team can be hired to debug your experiments or create them from scratch for £60 per hour. We can work on particular projects with you, or offer ad hoc support and tutorials according to your needs. Please visit our consultancy services page or email for more details.

rebecca_hirst Rebecca Hirst, PhD

Co-author of the latest edition of Building Experiments in PsychoPy, my research focuses on multisensory perception and attention across the lifespan using a combination of psychophysics and EEG.

sue_lynn_mah Sue Lynn Mah, PhD candidate

My research areas cover associative learning, attention, individual differences and culture. I have experience in daisy-chaining online experiments to/from Qualtrics and Prolific.

kim_dundas Kimberley Dundas, PhD Candidate

Starting in February, my research examines subjective visual perception of ambiguous stimuli, using multivariate and univariate analyses of EEG data.

wakefield_morys_carter Wakefield Morys-Carter, MA

I offer support on the forum alongside my job as the Senior Psychology Demonstrator and Teaching Fellow at Oxford Brookes University. I am not currently involved with our consultancy projects, but I will be supporting fixed-price bug fixes, coming soon to the Pavlovia store.

You can also use this category to advertise for external help, but we would recommend that you restrict yourself to people who have an established track record of helping on this forum, rather than accepting an offer from an unknown.

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