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Would like white background in Experiment

Hello. I am using version 1.84.2 on standard standalone Psychopy. I am on builder view and would like to make the background of my experiment white, it is currently grey.
I have changed the colour of the text to black.

Does anyone know how to change this?

Thank you in advance!

Click the Experiment settings button on the toolbar and select the Screen tab.

I feel silly now not being able to find it, I must have been over complicating it. Thank you Michael! It is now working.


Do you know how to do this using coderView?

Just change the color of your window object to white:

winObj = visual.Window(size=[1920, 1080], screen=1, color="white", winType='pyglet', waitBlanking=False, fullscr=True, monitor='testMonitor', units='norm')

Hi everyone, does anyone know how to do a more complicated background, e.g., a checkered grid, in builder? Can an image be made as background?


Just insert an image component to show the image you want. Make it the top component so that it gets drawn first (i.e. acts as the background). You can change the order of components by right-clicking their icons.

Thanks for this Michael much appreciated.

The problem now is that after I set an image as a background in the way you have suggested it seems to have messed with my already existing trial (presenting 20 objects one after another - now it only presents the first object).


For us to assist, you need to explain in detail how you have implemented things, and ideally also show us via screenshots.

thanks for this Michael -

As you may be able to tell, i’m very new to the builder.

All i’m trying to do at this stage is have a checkered grid background (“bg3”) and present 25 objects (“image”) one at a time at random locations on the screen.

The issue i’m having are:
(1) only the first image is being presented, which wasn’t the case before I added the background
(2) I have no idea how to randomise the screen locations

Any advice you might have will be greatly appreciated.



and no error message


fixed it!

for reference…for the background image I set the duration to to infinite thinking it would just exist in the background separate from the routine.

However, I eventually realised its duration needs to be the same duration as I want to present the trial for.

Cheers Michael,


PsychoPy v2021.2.3
MacOS 10.13

I’m totally new to PsychoPy, and I simply want to change the background color to aliceblue. The rgb color is successfully inserted in Experiment Setting, but the screen is still gray when I run the experiment. I also checked the Python codes and confirm that the rgb parameters are in the codes. Could anyone tell me how to solve this problem?
(Screenshots: attachment 1-1)

Also, it seems that the color selection window can’t display normally on my laptop, basically it only shows where my cursor is after clicking, and very occasionally it shows normally. I also wonder how to deal with this.
(Screenshots: attachment 2-1 is what is displayed when I open the color selecting window. Sorry I could only upload up to two attachments as a new user.)

Many thanks!