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How to change text and background color for experiment?


I am working in Builder and am trying to change the color for the background of my experiment from grey to white, and also change the text color from white to black. I tried to change the background by going to ‘Screen’ under ‘Experiment Settings’, and I selected the color “floralwhite” in the color picker and pressed insert. However, when I ran my experiment the background was still grey.

I was wondering how I can get the background color to be white for the entire duration of the experiment. I also was unsure how to go about changing the text color from the default white to black, as I was looking around on Builder and am unable to find an option to do so. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

To make the background white go to experiment settings > screen > color (where you did already) and use $[1,1,1]

For text you need to edit the component under appearance > foreground color - set the black

Thank you! Is there a way to change all the text in the experiment at once, or does each individual text component have to be changed?

individual text components I am afraid!