Window not filling screen

The display I am using is set to resolution 1440x5120 - and I can confirm that it is at this resolution. This is on a Windows 10 system.
I open a window to the display and fill it with gray, with:

win = visual.Window([5120,1440],

But the window on-screen stops short, 10 lines from the bottom. I see a yellow border line (1 pixel) to the window, and below that I see the background image for that display.

If I call for a window 1450 pixels high, I get the same result. Why might it be stopping short of filling the display?


Ok, problem provisionally solved.

I don’t know why, but this was happening because I had changed the relative positions of the monitors in the Windows/Displays settings - if they are placed side-to-side (there are three monitors), then the psychopy window gets cut off as described.

But if I put the wide-field monitor above the other two, everything is back to normal.