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win.scrWidthPIX return false values when FullScr = True

I defined a window with the flag Fullscr = True and print the width, height:

win = visual.Window(monitor="testMonitor", units=unit, fullscr=True, color='Black')
w, h = win.scrWidthPIX, int(win.scrWidthPIX * 0.75)

I get

w = 1024 , h = 768

even-though the real size of my screen is 1920, 1080.
Moreover, when trying to set a windows with this size:
win = visual.Window(size = (1024, 768) , units=unit, color='Black')
I indeed get a window that is not full screen - and only partial.
How can I get the real, actual value of the screen when using the flag Fullscr?


To get the size of the window in full screen, use win.size. See docs