Cannot create window with proper background size

Hi everyone!

I am trying to create a window with grey background on my second monitor, my OS is macOS Big Sur. When I run the following code I get a window that is grey on the top left and red in the remaining part with fullscr=False. Instead I get a fully black window with fullscr=True. I found different posts about problems with macOS and secondary screens from few years ago, is this still a thing?

monitor_name = ‘secondary screen’
width_pix = 2560
height_pix = 1440
view_dist = 60
monitor_width = 68.58
monitor = monitors.Monitor(monitor_name, width=monitor_width, distance=view_dist)
monitor.setSizePix((width_pix, height_pix))

win_size = [width_pix, height_pix]
win = visual.Window(win_size, monitor=monitor, units=‘pix’, color=‘grey’, fullscr=True, screen=1)

EDIT: everything works properly if I make the external screen primary screen in macos settings and thus putting screen = 0 in the Window options.