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win.adjustScreenSize() not working

Hi, I would like to use win.adjustScreenSize() to make sure that the participant is always in full screen by calling it in every frame of the experiment.

The experiment initially goes to fullscreen since I set fullscreen in the builder. But, in the case that the participant then minimizes the screen, the function does not work to make the experiment fullscreen again on Chrome//MacOS, and it reports the warning “Unable to go fullscreen.”

Does this post help?

It might help, but it probably won’t. If I remember correctly, the error message “Unable to go fullscreen” happens after the window.fullscr check. At that point, the full-screen request has already been sent to the browser, which returns a fail. It could also be a case where the requestFullscreen() function used in the library is not supported by the browser (which is unlikely since it’s Chrome). It’s probably an issue with the browser’s setting and beyond the capability of PsychoJS code. I could be wrong though. I haven’t coded PsychoJS for some time.