Will saving multiple CSV files per participant lead to multiple credits being consumed?

jsPsych version 7.3.1:


We are planning to run a test battery consisting of multiple experimental tasks. We have put all the tasks into one single index.html file, which calls separate js functions. In each separate js file we have pavlovia_init and pavlovia_finish from the jspsych-to-Pavlovia plugin (jspsych-7-pavlovia-2021-12.js). Each js function returns a separate timeline, which is concatenated in the index.html file into one large timeline.

The entire battery works fine running locally, but we are having issues when trying to put it on Pavlovia. In pilot mode, we receive an error message stating that the pilot token is invalid (after some time, but in less than 1 hour). When trying to run the experiment in the “running” mode with 1 credit assigned, we get an error message (after the first task, i.e., the first pavlovia_finish is called) stating that there are not enough credits assigned.

Does anyone have enough experience with the jsPsych-Pavlovia plugin to know what is the problem? Because we are saving one css file for each separate task within the same session (and thereby calling pavlovia_finish multiple times), it seems like we need multiple credits for each experiment.

Is there a solution that does not involve consuming multiple credits for a single participant within one session?

Is it possible to recode so you only call pavlovia_finish once?