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Pavlovia piloting jsPsych plugin error - how to test that saving is working as expected?

I am trying to pilot my experiment built with jsPsych, however at the end I get this error:

### [jspsych-pavlovia plugin 3.0.6] Error

* when uploading participant' results for experiment: ricardoV94/exp_2_1_1
* when saving data from a previously opened session on the server
* **unable to save data for an experiment that is not RUNNING**

So is there no way to test whether the saving function is working without spending credits? I cannot even save the data locally (on my computer) because the message overrides the displayData().

Yes. Right now, for the jsPsych/labJS plugins, you’ll need to spend £0.20 when you’ve gone through the rest of your study to make sure the data work as expected.

But certainly we’ll look at how to provide a test file going forwards. Sorry, didn’t mean to sound dismissive of that!

You did not sound dismissive at all. A test file would indeed be great.

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