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Why the bug fixes were still not included in the releases ? Looks like there is a problem

Hi all,
While I use psychopy from several year and found that obvious bugs are quickly fixed and integrated in the next release this doesn’t seem the case since several month…

At least 2 obvious and basic bugs for wich a fix was found quickly have not been corrected.
(1) the problem of encoding of the name of the sound card ( Sound character encoding bug. It makes it impossible to use the sound component…

(2) The mouse click bug (Mouse click BUG

While it is easy for me to tweak the corresponding py file, it is not easy for many people I interact with. I just send them my psychopy experiments and they have, by theirselves to install psychopy to run my experiments… but Most of them will not be able to go and edit the py files !

Both of these bugs were found and corrected a long time ago but are not actually corrected in 1.85.6 (released in dec’17). Why ? I wonder if there is a problem when assembling the releases…

Thanks in advance

Basically, we’ve been working on a major release instead. But that takes time.

OK I was worriying since several answer says that it is corrected and will be in the next release but 2 releases later it was still not there and since i was updated in the github I thoug it should have been updated in the 1.85.6… (I didnot test the 1.9 up to now).

Thanks for your answer.

Well, moving fixes from the main branch to a “release branch”, including only bug fixes, is a manual process and therefore susceptible to errors. Possibly the necessary commit didn’t get ported over (I’m not sure, but I’m focussing my time elsewhere right now)