When setting up a preload queue error (Tried multiple solutions)

Hi everyone,

I was attempting to make a copy of an experiment from PsychoPy v2021.2.3. I downloaded the folder and deleted the git and synced the project. I started to encounter the “unable to download resource” error at random times (i.e., it would work at some point and not others, it would break overnight). This could be completely irrelevant but the main issue (and I know this sounds weird) is that it breaks overnight. I ran through the same experiment in its entirety on Wednesday (02/07) a few times and have the data saved.

It runs fine when I run it locally on PsychoJS.

Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

-Updated psychopy to v2023.2.3
-Recreated the psychopy file by copying and pasting each routine from the old psychopy file to the new file.
-I tried to add the resources to the additional resources, but then my resources showed up twice in the .js file and it did not resolve the error.
-I deleted and tried to sync the entire project, which worked for a little bit but then I ran into this error the next day.
-I tried to sync the project with two separate accounts at two different times but that would not solve this issue either.
-I’ve tried to recall the same excel file within the loop and resync but that does not fix it either.

Now it seems to be giving me this error:

There seems to be an inconsistency in when the error shows up with this project. I’ve tried to troubleshoot for the last two weeks with no luck.

Here is the link to my project shared publicly:


Thanks a lot for your help,

I just want to follow up on my post. I just tried the link and it works now and this is exactly the problem with the project. It stops working randomly and is not something I can figure out. I have not edited anything since it last stopped working.

Thanks again for your input.


Hi, I am experiencing this too. Tried all the usual fixes, and as per the person above too. Also tried recreating the file that cannot be found, editing it, checked all areas for errors. deleted the cache, moved folders etc etc etc

I’ve looked at all the other solutions offered, and nothing has made a difference at all.

Any help would be great.


Hi Glen,

I had to take a very close look at the JS files that are uploaded for the project on pavlovia (“.js” and “…legacy-browsers.js”) and manually edit them to add in the resources at the top.

Essentially, you would open github, click on the file and near the top right, click “Edit”, find the section where you see a bunch of the resources listed – “Resources: [”, and add in any of your resources that are missing like :

{‘name’: ‘resourcename.html’, ‘path’: ‘resourcename.html’},

where resourcename is the name of the missing resource and then click on commit. It turns out that some resources were not being added to the code for whatever reason so I had to manually add them. While this is not ideal, and it is suggested that you do not touch the js code, it seems to have fixed the issue. Everytime you do make a change to your psychopy files and sync with pavlovia, you will have to add this code into the js files (again, I recognize that this is not ideal, but it did fix it for me).


Lovely, thank you. I shall see if this works.

Best wishes

Unfortunately still getting the error and the .js is fine, it is the block1.xlsx that it can’t find

EDIT, fixed by renaming files and reuploading.

Hi Glen,

I noticed that you made an update to your previous post and mentioned that it worked by renaming and reuploading the file. This was something I did as well and it did fix the issue temporarily but came back a day or so later. Interestingly, my issue was with the .xlsx file as well which was being added in the resources but other HTML files were not being added to the resources section of the js code. If you have other resources in addition to the xlsx files, maybe double-check to see if all resources in your experiment are being added to the js and legacy-browser.js files. Hope this helps.