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What sound library to use if PTB won't work?


PsychoPy strongly recommends using the PTB sound library and describes it as having better performance with regard to timing. However, there are sometimes issues with PTB, like this error I and others ran into, where the experiment won’t run at all with certain device setups.

If one can’t use PTB, which is considered the ‘second best’ sound library, out of the ones available in PsychoPy (‘pyo’, etc.)?

How serious timing issues might one expect when using the alternative sound library, if playing WAV files that are a few seconds long (ie nothing fancy like playing movie stimuli or extremely high-res/long audio)? Is the magnitude a matter of a couple of milliseconds, or more like a hundredth of a second?

I don’t expect anyone to have a final answer to any of the questions, and I’m grateful for any info/suggestions about this :slight_smile: