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What happens with the local folder gets deleted?

I have a general question: what happens if I delete the local folder where the psyexp file was originally created? I have been working mostly on the .js file on github so I was wondering if deleting the relative local folder would do any harm to the experiment.


Hi @rob-linguistics13, if you delete the local folder that contains your experiment, you will also delete the local repository (and.git folder) for your task, and the link to the online repository. However, you can clone your online repository and restore that link. This is all possible through the Builder interface - see docs.

Thanks, @dvbridges. So the local folder must be present at all times. (I thought the online project would be independent after being created through the Builder).

No, it does not have to be present. It only has the be present if you want to work on your project locally, make changes and sync them to the online repository. You can delete your local repo, and the remote repo will happily sit there running the experiment. If you have deleted the local repo, you only need to clone the online repo to your local computer to start working on it again.

Sorry, I must have misread your previous reply. Thanks!

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