WCST Error: NameError: name 'card' is not defined


I am attempting to run the WCST task by Julia Sadka (or any of the first WCST firt availible on the dashboard).

On sending the experiment to the runner an error appears when the trial routine begins, see errors below -

I am lost at where the error is coming from as the relevant image has $card in the folder box which should locate this column in the spreadsheet? And all the spreadsheets are local to the psyexp. file.

Any help much appreciated!



Actually, although my version works online, I’m still getting this error offline.


NameError: name ‘card’ is not defined

If I delete that line of code I get

NameError: name ‘corrAns’ is not defined

so the issue is that the spreadsheets aren’t being read.

It works if I add one of the spreadsheets to the trials loop instead of having $condition_file

I’m wondering if the issue is related to this thread

I went for a workaround (one Excel file and varying selected rows instead of three) and in the process discovered that the issue was blank rows in the chooseRule file. However, I’ve left it as the workaround because it’s more efficient more making changes.