Trying to add code that will record accuracy data for a Wisconsin Card Sorting Test

Hi everyone,

So I’m currently trying to program a Wisconsin Card Sorting Task for a research project, and I stumbled across some base code on github (the code is found here:

The issue I’m having is that 1) I am not good at coding, and 2) There is no code specifying the program to log accuracy ratings. Going through the experiment, it doesn’t produce any output files that would be useful for me. Just looking at that code, does anybody have a solution you’d recommend to deal with this issue?

I would highly recommend checking out the pre-programmed WCST on this publically available project on pavlovia.

You can download the folder and run directly from your builder.

Hopefully this does what you need :slight_smile:

Thanks! This was incredibly helpful.

Hi, I am also a beginner of PsychoPy. Thank you for sharing the website. But I could not open pavlovia and just saw the notice that pavlovia will be shutdown for a while. Is there any other way that I can get access to the code? Thanks in advance!

Hi There,

Do you have a account? pavlovia and gitlab are currently running on a snapshot back up so tis code should be available.

The code is currently stored on gitlab so this should work Julia Sadka / Wisconsin Card Sorting Task · GitLab

Oh, I just found it! Many thanks!

Hi, I downloaded the demo, excel files and stimuli images. I am currently insert the images and conditions. One question is that how can I put all three shape, colour and number rules into the trial condition. Another question is that how to set the trial_card so that all card images can be inserted and randomly appeared on the screen. Thank you in advance!

Hi There,

Pleased you got the demo downloaded to start making edits! since these sound like different problems from the original post, please can you make separate threads for each issue - this will make the forum most useful for other users in the longer term.


Hello guys,

Anyone managed this experiment to work? When I try to run it, it gives me an error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\Felipe Viegas\Desktop\WCST\Wisconsin Card Sorting", line 456, in <module>

It seems that the <$condition_file> variable on trials loop cannot find the condition_file parameter on the chooseRule.xlsx file that is on the blocks loop.

Thanks for any help.

Hi There,

Please could you confirm this issue occurs when you try to run locally (rather than online?) and what version of PsychoPy you are using?


Hi Becca, thanks for your response.

I actually managed to get it running, after I tried to modify the code and end up the same strategy: two loops stacked. I think that I had to open the excel stimuli files first, for it to work. After I did that, and granted permissions to edit the excel files, it started working.

I still can pass the details you asked, though. I just have to sit at the computer, as I am on my phone now.

Thanks a lot!