WCST changes in trials and rules

Dear All,
I downloaded WCST version from pavlovia and would like to make some changes. I would like to lengthen the trials to 64 and have a rule change after 10 consecutive correct classifications. Can somebody help me how can I do it?

I think that the max trials for each rule is already 64.

chooseRule.xlsx contains the following:


At the moment I have the following in End Routine of Feedback Code:

if trials.thisTrialN == 6:
    trials.finished = True

which switches the rule after 6 trials. To switch after 10 consecutive correct classifications you could put in that same Feedback Code
Begin Experiment

consecutiveScore = 0

End Routine

if corr == 1:
     consecutiveScore += 1
     if consecutiveScore == 10:
          trials.finished = True
          consecutiveScore = 0
     consecutiveScore = 0