PsychoPy How to check for correct response and give acording feedback

I am making a WCST
I have nailed everything down and it is working as intented but the Feedback screen dosent give any feedback it is just blank.

I think the problem is with me not collecting if the response is correct or not.

I have tried to figure out how to fix this, and any help would be nice here.



There are plenty of posts on this forum about getting feedback. You might want to check them out. So we know that feedback is possible, but no one knows how you tried to give feedback unless you show us the relevant parts of your experiment (condition file, response-component, feedback-routine aso.). Remember to enclose the code in triple ` so that it is properly formatted.

Best wishes Jens

Thanks for the response i got it to work at the moment. But i came across an intresting question.

My setup looks like this and for the WCST i use trails_2 for the rule and it pickes the excelfile that matches.

My question is, when i change from one file to the next how do i make it start from the card_number the other file left off ?
In this test i need to go throug the cards in a set order and the rule changes after 10 correct anwsers
The rule and the rule change is working perfectly.

Thanks again for the response

And here is the code i am using to end the experiment after the 64 cards have been shown

Could you provide a screenshot of the WCST_trail and Feedback routines?

I do not understand everything you write, but let us take one problem at a time. Let us focus on feedback first.

By the way, you can simplify your if-construction.

if key_resp4.corr:
    correct_total += 1

total_resp += 1

key_resp4.corr is a boolean variable which is either 0 or 1 if there has been a response. So if key_resp4.corr is 1, the if-construction evaluates to true and you can increment correct_total by 1. Adding 0 to correct_total does not change its value, so it is redundant. You increase total_resp regardless of the truth value of key_resp4.corr, so you can move it outside the if-construction.

Best wishes Jens

The feedback is already solved



And again thanks i implimented the changes you sugested and it is workin like a charm

What i want is when the rule changes in the trials_2 that the next card shown is the next in line.

So lets say at card_number 12 the rule changes from colour to shape it currently starts at the top again. i would like if it just continued where the other file left off. in this example with the card_number 13

Hi there,

I guess you could work with the Selected rows parameter of a loop. Normally a loop starts from the first row of the condition file, row number 0 to the last row of your condition file, but you can use Selected rows to specify a start and an end. So to keep track of the trial iteration, for example, use yourloopname.thisN, assign this value +1 to start. Store start and end in a string variable, e.g.

useRows = str(start) + ":" + str(end)

Add $useRows to the Selected rows** parameter.

Best wishes, Jens