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Ways to get rid of columns from Pavlovia '.csv' results?

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Description of the problem:
Is there a way to remove columns from the ‘.csv’ results files while they are generated on Pavlovia? Specifically, I am looking into getting rid of the columns ending in ‘.thisRepN’, ‘.thisTrialN’, ‘.thisN’, ‘.thisIndex’ and ‘.ran’. Example of columns below:

It’s not much of a problem but the other members of my lab would like to know if they can be removed. So far, there doesn’t seem to be anything in PsychoPy Builder that can remove them beforehand, nor does there seem to be anything in the JavaScript code that would hint at any method of removal (or even creation). The software platform is PsychoJs, the platform version is 2020.1.

Any help is appreciated.


did you find a solution to this “issue”? I’d be interested in doing the same.

Many thanks!

You really don’t want to do this. What if a reviewer asks you about learning effects, either within or across blocks, and you can’t answer that, because you threw away all the trial numbers?

Deleting columns is something to do at the analysis stage, not when running the experiment. You never know what you might need. There are also all sorts of columns related to timing performance, which you might not need for analysis but could be invaluable if there are questions about the system performance. Dropping columns is trivial if you are scripting your analysis (which hopefully you are). Having lots of (currently) unneeded columns is only problematic if your analysing data manually, which should be avoided for all sorts of reasons.

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