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.wav file can't be play in a loop

I am trying to make a loop in a routine with the scenario to play 16 pre-recorded questions in .wav files.

I have made the .xlxs file for the loop with these parameter ‘wavFiles’ and ‘nQuestion’
I intend to use 'wavFiles 'as the name of the .wav Files needed to play on every repeat,
and ‘nQuestions’ as the text to show on every repeat.

I already use ‘$’ to call those parameters.

However, I got this feedback which I am not sure how to solve it.

any response will mean a lot to me since I need to finish this for my internship project :pray:

p.s. Win10 and PsychoPy3 2020.1.3

kind regards,

All of your wav files should be at the same sampling rate. It looks like you have files at both 48000 and 44100. You can use Audacity to edit the sampling rate.

I’ve tried it! and it is solving the issue. Thank you so much for your kind fast response :smile: