Warning to anyone using [square brackets] in their spreadsheets

Over the last few days there has been a change in the way Pavlovia interprets spreadsheets. If you have any square brackets in a cell, then the contents of those brackets seem to be interpreted as a list and the rest of the cell is discarded.

I was using them as tags round items to be replaced in an interactive fiction experiment, which was working last week. This morning I replaced all of my [square brackets] with {curly brackets} and the experiment is working again. I should have thought about it earlier because I discovered the issue over the weekend when uploading an Excel file containing instructions. Press [space] to continue had to be replaced with Press “space” to continue.

I can see that the reason for the change is to help with the opposite problem of lists in spreadsheets not being interpreted as lists, but it’s a shame that it can’t stop that there’s stuff outside the brackets.

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