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Warning about "color-calibrated"

Thank you for reading my question!

I am a psychopy novice, and meet a problem of "
5.3252 Warning This monitor has not been color-calibrated. Using default LMS conversion matrix
5.3303 Warning User requested full screen with size [1280 720], but screen is actually [1920 1080]. Using actual size"

So, how should I fix this problem? Much appreciate!

PsychoPy version 3:

This is just a warning that probably isn’t of any concern to most of us: if colour calibration is a concern to you, then you would know what the implications are.

You need to click on the “Monitor settings” toolbar icon and create a definition for a monitor that actually matches the characteristics of your display hardware (such as pixel dimensions, and physical size and distance. Then ensure that the name of that monitor definition is the one being used in your experiment settings dialog (in its “Screen” tab).