Visual numpad for providing responses in digit span task

I want to run a digit span task where the subjects need to respond the sequence of digits that were presented. I have been using the num pad to collect key responses. I would like to switch to a gui implementation that looks more like a phone keypad.

Has anyone already done something like this such that there is existing code I drop in as a code component (or even better a builder component)?

Assuming it has not been done before do I build this out of existing builder components (e.g., an image of the keypad and a mouse component to get the location of the clicked, a code component to translate that location to a number, a loop to allow multiple responses, and a text stim component to display the response) or do I build/steal a proper gui keypad and then import that through a code component?

Ideally I would be able to bundle whatever I come up with so it can be used in other experiments, so I am worried about combining a bunch of existing builder components.

That should get you started - you’ll want to collect more than one response though, so don’t set the mouse component to end the routine on a valid click. We’d need to know how you would like to end the routine to give advice on that.