visual.Circle returns grainy circle with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 [closed]

I am using PsychoPy 2.7.11 on Windows 7 pro.

I want to visualize a simple Circle stimulus for an experiment but running the same code on different PC machine (therefore Monitors and graphics card) return different results.

View on Dell 1920x1200 monitor, built-in Intel HD graphics 530: stimnice

The circle looks ok I want to keep this result.

View on Asus1920x1080 monitor, external NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 stimpixeled

The circle looks edgy and pixeled but the code is the same running on both machines and the window is adapted for each monitor size.

The code I am using for the circle is the following one

circleLeft =  visual.Circle(win = win, radius = scale_size_factor*rad, lineWidth = 2, 
                   edges=128,contrast=0.7, pos=left,
                  depth = -2, fillRGB = None, lineRGB = [-1, -1, -1],autoDraw=False, interpolate = True )
circleLargeLeft =  visual.Circle(win = win, radius = 299/2, lineWidth = 2,edges=2*128, contrast=0.4, 
                             pos=left, depth = -2, fillRGB = None, lineRGB = [-1, -1, -1],autoDraw=False )

Does anyone know what should be the problem? I already looked into similar issues in this forum but it didn’t work :frowning: Thank you!



Could you post the parameters used when opening the window? I find with my nvidia card that useFBO=True and useFBO=False determines whether the circles are jagged or smooth.

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Wow you solved my problem!! Thank you very much Damien :slight_smile: