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Creating a Visual Analog Scale in PsychoPy

I am working on a research project in which audio files need to be presented to a panel of listeners and they will rate the audio files on a set of characteristics. My needs include:

A way to randomize the audio files that each user gets BUT each user must rate each file they are assigned twice (to get intra-rater reliability). Also, each file has to be rated by 3 different raters (for inter-rater reliability). Can PsychoPy somehow automate this process? As you can see, it can be quite complicated to figure this out by hand.

The types of ratings that are required are made on a single horizontal line. There are no numerical values on the line but there are labels “minimal, moderate and severe” under the line (It’s a visual analog scale- VAS). The rater will decide how severe each characteristic of interest is for a particular audio file and click on the line to indicate severity. I would need a numerical value (0-100) based on where they click on that line (but the user should not see this number).

Is this sort of randomization (assigning specific audio files to different users) as well as the VAS scale possible to build using PsychoPY? I’m just trying to get an idea as it whether it’s possible before I delve so far into learning how to use the product. Thank you in advance for any leads.

  • The nReps value in the loop dialog box allows you to present each row of the conditions file n times.
  • The Selected rows field allows you to control which subset of the conditions file each subject sees. You could enter variables there which you enter in the Experiment Info dialog that appears st the start of each run to allow you to control which rows a person sees.
  • I’m not too familiar with it, but I’m sure the new slider component will allow you to present a VAS.

Thank you so much for your help.