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VideoStim stays static in Safari but not in other browsers

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: Hi, video stimulus in my experiment stays static like an image when I run the experiment in Safari. The rest of the experiment continues as it needs to be. So, the experiment does not stuck or something but the only problem is with video playing. This is not an issue in other browsers like chrome or Firefox as far as I tried. Do you have any idea why this would happen specifically with Safari?

Thanks a lot!

That was a tricky one. Using my minimal movie test example, movie_example_dg1, while monitoring the developer’s JavaScript Console, I observed an unhanded promise rejection error whenever the movie was played (which is twice per trial, because of the extra play introduced by the code workaround). My solution was to allow movies to auto-play, because they do not by default in Safari (at least, if they include an audio track), causing them to stay static at their first frame (this is to stop movies with sound starting playing obnoxiously when browsing). So, to allow auto-play in Safari on your device for only, go to the Safari menu, Preferences… item, Websites tab, Auto-Play item, for the website select All Auto-Play from the drop down list.

This solution seems to work with your experiment too.

Yes, exactly. The only problem is that participants using Safari also need to allow auto-play :confused: Since describing this browser’s preference change process to the participants may be confusing for them, I simply tell them to use Chrome or FireFox to run the experiment.

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As it is an option for them to use browsers other than Safari, then that is an even better solution. :grinning: