Video overlapping with text

Description of the problem: I have one video in each trial and I set the duration for 2.7 sec. A text is showed after the video.

The experiment works fine when using PsychoPy. But when I tried to run it on Pavlovia, the video keeps overlapping with the text although I set the duration. And there is no error message shown.
Is there any solution for this issue??

Thanks in advanced.

I tried to move the text and response to new routine (videos, text and keyboard response are within first loop). The video and text did not overlap, however, the video in the second block stuck at the 4th or 5th trials everytime I run the experiment on Pavlovia. And I noticed that the video stuck at second block was the same as one of the videos I used in first block.
Has anyone encountered this before?

Yes, issues with repeated videos have been around since 2020.1.0

Please check my crib sheet for the code to reset the video stimuli in End Routine

@wakecarter thanks for your fast reply!
I just checked on it but I’m not familiar with codes. May I know which page of the crib sheet you refer to?

I’m on my phone

Try searching for video or movie

There’s definitely a subsection on it

Yes, I found it under video stimuli and I tried to insert the code in End Routine, but it still stuck at the second block when the repeated video appears.

Please could you show the code you inserted?

I inserted the code at the second block.
Actually it still works in PsychoPy but it has a repeated sound (without the video) in the text and response routine.

According to your first screenshot your video component is called prac4 not sti_audiovisual

I am so sorry for causing the confusion. I should have clarified that.
prac4 is the first block of my experiment, while for the sti_audiovisual is the second block, and there are repeated videos in these two blocks. The video is actually stuck in the second block when running on Pavlovia.

If your second block repeats videos played in the first block then I would recommend adding the code to both routines.

Did you say that the audio track is repeating successfully but with no visuals on the second pass?

I just tried on that. It ran smoothly in prac4 (first block), unfortunately it still stuck in the second block when running on Pavlovia.

To be exact, the audio is repeated (without visual) in the second routine of the block, which I moved the text and keyboard response into it (to avoid overlapping of video and text), eg, the audio is repeated in text_prac routine of the pracblock, without the visual. But I was intended to only play the video in the first routine.