Video files on Pavlovia

URL of experiment: Korku_1a [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: I am using video files on my experiment (you can find them in the routine named “morf”. But they are blinking when they start. I could not fix it. I inserted 1 second latency before the video start, but it did not help.

I would be glad if you could help.
Thank you in advance.


your experiment is in pilot mode. A link to an experiment in pilot mode is only one hour valid. So, either give access to your project or post a toy example of your experiment just showing the problem.

Best wishes Jens


Thank you for your response. I upşoaded a video about the problem, one side is blinking (I dont know why but it is generally where the vehicle image is presented). I also made the project public.


your project might be public but the link to provide points to the pilot-version and not to the project.

Do you see the blink when you play the videos in an another video-software?

Best wishes Jens

No, I dont see. Even I dont see the problem when I run the experiment on another computer.


Jens Bölte via PsychoPy <>, 28 Eki 2021 Per, 14:27 tarihinde şunu yazdı:


My problem still persists. The URL of my experiment: Pavlovia

I would be glad if you could help me with this problem. I have tried different things,but they did not work.