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(Vertical) slider on a touch screen


I would like to build two types of slider (horizontal and vertical) with a continuous scale from 1 to 10. I want my participants to respond using a touch screen on a laptop (Windows 10). Unfortunately, I did not find information how to activate a touch screen response and no information of a vertical slider. Could you give me a hint? Many thanks!

P.S. I just tried a most basic slider and it even worked sometimes with touch screen but only sporadically. Why so?

For a touchscreen a touch is like a hover and you have to “stroke” the screen to register a click. I’m designing experiments for mobile devices and using contains rather than isClicked for my responses. However, I’m not sure if the slider could be set up to work like this.

Thank you! I am using Builder. Is it then the way you touch is important and special instructions will solve the problem?