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Variable Movie Stimulus&Response Timing, Conditional Branching, and Stimulus Re-Presentation

OS: Windows
PsychoPy version: (e.g. 1.9.4)
Standard Standalone? (y/n): Yes
What are you trying to achieve?: I have 160 movie stimuli to show my participants that all vary slightly in duration. I would like the response window to be initiated by the end of the movie. Additionally, I would like the trial to branch as a result of the input (or lack-there-of) in the response window. Below is a flow chart of how I would like each trial to run:

1s ITI --> [movie stimulus presented] --> 0.75s/750ms key response window -->(BRANCH) [1. if no response, then text to request a faster response, key press to continue to next trial] or [2. if response given, text to say response received, key press to continue to next trial] --> restart sequence

I need trials that were not responded to (i.e., branch condition 1) to be re-presented to participants following the completion of the other trials until a response is received.

What did you try to make it work?: I have looked at other forums regarding suggestions on how to do this, but am admittedly new to psychopy and coding and don’t fully understand what the recommendations are suggesting. I created the components necessary. For the movie component, it is timed to start at 1s (due to ITI) and stop time is duration(s) ___, expected 8s. The Key Response component is timed to start Conditional: $movie_name.status==FINISHED and time is duration(s) = .75s. Within the trail loop, I have the trial routine, no answer given routine (branch condition 1), and an answer given routine (branch condition 2); both no/answer given routines have the text necessary and a key response that ends the routine (i.e., space bar to continue).

How do I make the trials flow the way they need to and am I able to re-present no answer given stimuli to participants at the end of the rest of the trials?