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Variable Image Position

I’m pretty new to PsychoPy and I’m having a little trouble. I’m trying to create an experiment (in builder view, I have no idea about coding) where the stimulus (an image) changes position on each trial, but everything I have tried so far results in the image just remaining in the middle of the page.

I have tried to use a variable such as $location/$position from my input file but just keep getting the same problem.

There’s no error message; the experiment does run just not as I need it to.

Thanks in advance for any advice

This sounds like a units issue. i.e. you might be specifying a position in normalised units in your file, but the stimulus is set to be in pixels. A position of (0.5, 0) looks very different to (0, 0) in norm units but won’t be visibly different when referring to pixels, for example.

But we would need to see more details to be sure (i.e. a sample of your conditions file and a screen shot of your stimulus component dialog box).