V2023.1.0 RoutineBegin created for loops but are not defined

Description of the problem: I think there might be a bug in v2023.1.0 for online studies. I am getting an error about {Loop}RoutineBegin not defined, where {Loop} is the name of a trial loop. This trial loop is nested within a block loop. The error occurs with lines such as this: task1_prac_redoLoopScheduler.add(task1_prac_trialsRoutineBegin(snapshot)); Here, task1_prac_redo is the name of the block loop and task1_prac_trials is the name of a trial loop.

In v2022 and prior, the same experiment doesn’t produce this line for trial loops. Here’s the code for the experiment in v2023.1.0 and in v2022.2.5. I need to use v2023.1.0 because code I have to collect response duration doesn’t work in v2022.2.5 (it yields None), but it works in person and online in a very basic example in v2023.1.0.

I updated to 2023.1.1 and this issue is no longer occuring.


I am also having this issue but on version 2023.2.3

Is this coding bug persistent in this latest version as well?