Reference error in pavlovia: RoutineBegin is not defined

I have a task that is working fine in psychopy but is crashing in pavlovia as soon as I get into a loop (there are actualy 3 nested loops).
the error message says * ReferenceError: span_trialsRoutineBegin is not defined
I went to the coder and found some “RoutineBegin” but they all looked ok to me.

Can anyone help me with this?

What version of PsychoPy are you using?

thank you for the reply.
the version is 2023.1.0

just made the update and now it is working.

Hey! I’m running into the same error, only that changing the version didn’t fix the problem for me. I used to use a 2021 version of Psychopy and recently updated it, since then I’ve been having trouble running a routine that worked perfectly before. I tried versions 2023.1.2 and 2023.2.3 and in both cases, the experiment runs well offline. When starting the experiment on Pavlovia, I get the following message: * ReferenceError: Instructions4_3RoutineBegin is not defined

The message appears at the beginning of the experiment and Instructions4_3 is the name of a routine in my experiment.

This is the link to my experiment: 1Logos-rotadas_L1 [PsychoPy]

Any help would be greatly appreciated