Using two separate audio-output devices?

I am writing a type of signaling game experiment in PsychoPy (using both builder and code) and it is almost done, except one small problem.
As this is an interactive game, I need instances where one person is hearing some sounds, while the other is not. My initial thought was to send the sounds to a specific output-channel or a specific out-device (external soundcard), but I have not succeeded yet. Does anyone have an idea of how to solve something like this?

Is this a 2 participant in-person experiment? Does each participant have their headphones?
I am trying to get the whole picture. It would be great if you could describe the settings of the experiment.


Hi Chen

Sorry for not being more specific. Yes, this is a 2 participant in-person experiment. It is a signalling game, where one participant plays a few notes and then ‘sends’ those notes to other person. As such, each participant will be sitting by their own monitor, own keyboard and own set of headphones. I have manged to distribute the specific parts of the experiment to each monitor as needed, but the sound part seems somewhat more convoluted. :slight_smile:
I hope this description makes sense