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Simultaneously playing different sound files each through a different speaker


for my master thesis I´m planning to expose participants to four different sounds simultaneously, where each sound is played from a different speaker. I´m not very advanced in coding and it is my first time using PsychoPy. So my question would be if you think that this is feasible at all using PsychoPy. If so maybe you could give me some advices for proceeding with my task. I know that PsychoPy already provides sound libraries like pyo and sounddevice. Also there is the option to use pyaudio which is not implemented from the begining. Can you do some recommendation which one I should use and how to realize it?

Many thanks in advance for your help!

There is a post here for using pyo to do this, which might be of help:!topic/pyo-discuss/ZB4gyuagtcM

i.e. PsychoPy functions provide for playing stereo sounds but it seems that under the hood, pyo provides for handling more channels. Maybe the other sound libraries offer the same too? But in essence it seems like you should be able to run an experiment in PsychoPy and incorporate custom code with calls to pyo or other functions as required to get what you require.

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