Using Jellybean Switch Twist as response

Hi all,

I am using the jellybean switch as the form of response in my experiment. I just have a couple of questions that i hope it can be answered

  1. Is there any limitations to the number of device that i can use as a response in Psychopy? if so, how many
  2. How do these buttons connect to the software
  3. How can i connect 4 jellybean switch buttons to the software as my response

I’m not familiar with the jellybean switch, but from what I can tell on Google it connects via an audio jack? So far as I know we only have functionality for USB/Parallel Port buttons, however, if this button is commonly used we could probably add functionality for it. @jon what do you think?

I’m afraid I have no experience with them. @psychisawesome can you confirm that this is normally connected with an audio jack? Have you used it with any other software?