Using Condition as the Start time


I am showing a series of images to participants with two questions per image.
Both questions are answered by clicking “yes”, “no”, “not applicable” button.

I want the second question to be shown once participants click a button from the first question. How can I set this up using the Start Condition in the builder in my second question?

I am not used to coding, and I’ve also tried $yesbutton==FINISH but I would not work.

Thanks for your help!

What type of component do you use for the two questions?

When using a slider component, you can set the start condition of slider_2 to
slider_1.getRating() != None

This works because the getRating() method returns the currently selected option of the slider component. If nothing is selected, it returns None. So by checking whether the rating is something different from None, you basically check if the user made any kind of selection on the first question.

Hi, Sorry for the confusion! I am using text component for the question. Would this work for the text as well?

It will work for the text component as well, yes.