Activate component under certain condition

Is there a wat to activate a text and mouse component (“click here to continue”) only after participant clicked on the slider? E.g., to add a code component? Any demo examples?

Yes, you can set “Start” to “condition” and enter

YourSliderName.getRating() !== 'undefined'

This way, the component only gets started, once a rating is in.

Thanks a lot! I’m not sure where this line of code should be: in the conditions file? In the “Start” input of the element (this one does not work)? in a code component?

Yes, in the “Start” input (set to “condition”, not time or frame). Which error do you get when trying that?

Thanks! There is no error, but “Click to continue” sill appears before I even click on the slider

Ah yes, correction:

typeof MainTas.getRating() !== 'undefined'
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Now it works perfectly, thank you very much!

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