Using clickable stimuli to end a routine

I created a survey in psychopy, where participants can type open responses (they dont have to) and end this with clicking on a “Click here to continue”. For this I used a image and a mouse component. In the mouse component I set “End Routine on press” to “valid click” and than typed the name of the image-component into the “Clickable stimuli” row. In the past this was working, but now the experiment crashes every time, I try to click on the image, which should end the routine. I know that Pavlovia is a better way to create surveys, but in this case, its not an option. Is there a new or other way to do it in Psychopy?

What error message do you get when it crashes?

It tells me:
“NameError: name ‘environmenttools’ is not defined”
I also checked older experiments, where this method was working, but now I receive the same message.

I’m having a problem with clickable stimuli too. It will only end the routine on Any Click. On valid click nothing happens. No error message.

@Niklas when my students hit a name error (in their very basic studies) I advise

  • Check that you have used the $ sign to reference the stimulus correctly in the relevant component
  • Check that you have it set to every repeat
  • Check the conditions file to ensure that the column names are spelled correctly there is no space at the end of the column name

You’ve probably done all that already though.

I think this is a bug! We’re hoping to get a bug fix release out very soon so will make sure the fix for this is in there.