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Uploading an independently coded PsychoJS experiment

I apologise if I am missing something obvious but I cannot find a clear answer to this question. Is it possible to code a PsychoJS experiment form scratch and then upload it onto Palovia to be hosted?


@jvin, for now the recommended approach is to use Builder to automatically create the Pavlovia project repository, generate the necessary HTML and JavaScript files, and upload them to your Pavlovia repo - see docs. If you need to add custom code, you can use the code components in Builder, where you can add the JS manually, or use the new Python to JS auto-translation option in the code component.

So, to be clear. Even if I have gone through this process of creating the necessary files, and structuring them in the same way that the builder would, there is no way to push them onto the Pavlovia Git to be hosted?

@jvin, you could code your own task, and some of the guidance for this (in development) is here. First, you would create your new project repository on and then clone the new project to your local computer (see docs). From the new local repository, you can issue git push pull commands from the command line.

For actual data collection, I would thoroughly test the task to make sure it is working correctly. There are some testing guidelines in the timing mega-study.

Finally got it working! Thank you for your assistance.