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Use french or other language as color stimuli for stroop task

Hi, is it possible to use by example french color, french word an not just red, blue, green for a stroop task with psychopy ? thanks !!!

Hi @Greg_K, this is indeed possible. The design of the Bilingual Stroop task is explained in the new book “Building Experiments in PsychoPy” (Peirce & MacAskill, 2018), which shows how to use a blocked design to measure the Stroop effect across English and Maori languages. This provides a simple demonstration on how to change the language of the stimuli using the Excel conditions files.

This task has been added to the list of demos for PsychoPy3 and is stored for public use on, where all experiment files can be viewed and downloaded from

If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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