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URGENT! Regenerate wrong_list

I relied on this thread for my experiment: How to repeat incorrect trials only - #5 by Michael. It works for the first round but after that, there are no iterations in the wrong_list and all the items that initially were answered incorrectly are repeated.
What should I change or add in my code to regenerate the wrong_list?

At the beginning of each loop I would copy wrong_list to wrong_list save and then use wrong_list_save in the continueRoutine=False conditional.

In the End Routine section you’d also need to delete the check that outer loop thisN is 0

Hey, thank you @wakecarter for the prompt reply! Could you be more specific: how do I copy wrong_list to wrong_list save?

I added the code below in each frame but the problem persists.

wrong_list_save = [None] * len(wrong_list);

for i in range(0, len(wrong_list)):

wrong_list_save[i] = wrong_list[i];

I was thinking just wrong_list_save = wrong_list

I tried this but it did not solve the problem :frowning:

Another approach would be to .append the incorrect trials to the end of the list but then .pop(0) to remove them from the beginning of the list when you use them.