Urgent! Experiment not saving data to database Online

URL of experiment: Sign in · GitLab

Description of the problem: Hi! I am a beginner at using Psychopy, and I created my experiment entirely in Builder view. When I try to run it in Pavlovia, it does not save data to the database and this error appears at the end of the experiment:

“TypeError: Cannot read property ‘SERVER’ of undefined”

error message

When I click the CSV option for saving data, the data save just fine with no issues, but I do not want participants to have access to their own data and have to send it to me. The experiment is still using up credits in running mode even though the data is not saving. I saw similar issues posted by other users and tried one solution offered, which was to put only the necessary files in a new folder and resync the new folder to Pavlovia, but this did not fix the issue and the same error still appears.

Can anybody help me solve this problem?


when you set the experiment to running, participants have no access to their data, afaik. I have no idea what could cause the TypeError you report.

Best wishes Jens

Hi Jens,

Thank you for your response! I have not tried it in running mode with the CSV option. Do you know where the data is saved in this situation?



Hello Keylie

the data are saved on the server. You download them via the download button present on the page.

Best wishes Jens