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Updating trial type on each trial on Pavlovia

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: Hello! I am pilting this memory experiment in which I show images in triplets, and modify the location in which the participants view these images. (For example, seeing one triplet as “right-middle-left” then another as “middle-left-right”). During my pilot runs I realized that the task only runs one trial type, but the data looks like it updates the trial type (I see only right-middle-left but the output claims there was also a ‘middle-left-right’ etc.) I would appreciate any help or insight on this!

Hi there!

It looks like the position of your images are set using the variables


but at the minute these are set in the initCode routine outside of your trial loop (so it is only set once). To have something change on each trial make sure that routine is inside your trial loop and the variable changes on each iteration of the loop :slight_smile:

Hope that helps a bit,

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Thank you very much Becca, that solves it!!!

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