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Updating my response ("left" or "right") for feedback

There seems to be a problem with updating my response for feedback, but I can’t quite make my mistake out.

See picture:
If the participant clicks “left” or “right” I want to update the $response and present the clicked key as feedback.

In “Beginn Experiment”, response has been assigned: response = “Default”

Hi There,

I think you might want to move your current code snippet into the “End Routine” tab. Because you won’t know which key was pressed until the end of the routine. Then add a seperate “feedback” routine within your “animals_01” loop but following your “trial” routine, add a text component in the feedback routine and set the text parameter in that component as $response.

Good luck!

PS. I think similar but slightly different issue here Printing a counter as participant feedback in next routine

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Good Morning Becca,

thanks a lot for the reply. I could fix the code somewhat but not completely yet (I needed to change my Text component to “set every repeat”).
The response variable is being changed now.

I am still facing some problems, but I am getting there.


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