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Updated instructions not changing online

I have an experiment up on Pavlovia and it is working nicely. However, I have changed the instructions in my .psyexp file, and no matter how many times I try to sync, the online version doesn’t have the updated instructions. I’ve checked, and the .psyexp file is saving each time in the proper folder on my computer. Does anyone have a suggestion for what I should try?

Ctrl Shift R or a different browser or an incognito tab should work if the commit is showing on Gitlab

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Hi, thanks for the feedback! An incognito tab did indeed work.

Given that, is there a way to get it to work without needing to do that? And if I were to have participants run it, or to send it to someone else to test, would they get the latest version?

Participants will get the latest version unless they try it multiple times and you’ve edited it in the meantime.

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Clearing the cache in your browser’s settings should fix this issue.

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This did the trick, thanks!